The Healers — Noise Performance

The Healers are the ancient midwives of noise. They hail from the island of Hibernia around 432 AD. They are saints who combined the ancient craft of healing with spirituality and electricity. They exist outside of institutions and only enter to heal the damage caused by those in power. They create ritual noise to cleanse, heal, deliver and end suffering. They exist to heal those who need it.

Formed in 2018, they perform live using a range of analogue and electric noise making tools. Members can be omnipresent, phoned in via the mycelium network. They chant, sing, scream and shout. They seek a time when knowledge and ideas were truly free. They are the haunting channel coming in at frequency 108.8. They wet the warts and lick the burns.

Members include visual artists Dylan Kerr, Cliona na Laoi and Michelle Doyle, who are all also solo musicians. Dylan Kerr is based in Poznan, Poland and plays a range of homemade and noise making instruments. They are a trained flute player and Sean Nós singer. Cliona Na Laoi is based between Berlin and Dublin and makes music with Salac and solo as Momma Matrix Most Mystical. Doyle is based in Dublin and plays bass in punk band Sissy and solo as Rising Damp. They play together live even though separated by geography and will play corresponding gigs.  

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